Things always start with a cup of Joe

We created Fast Idea Production, 8 years ago, during a cup of coffee. So yes, it didn’t take long till we figured out that this is what we wanted to do, together. And then, we drank some more coffee with clients that became our friends. This didn’t take long either.We continue to do so with old friends and new clients and collaborators. Some things don’t need to change. This friendly approach and our background in film and commercial production for over 16 years was appealing to more than 60

clients from all over the world. Today there are more than 300 projects we took part in. Our passion and our never resting curiosity urge us to to discover visual and storytelling concepts that can improve or refresh the perception of your company within your target audience. We can offer everything you need from concept development to the final product. And, of course, a cup of coffee. Let’s not forget that we have the coolest jobs in the world.

Str. Sold. Alexandru Magatti nr. 19, sector 3, Bucuresti